I have startitis. While this condition is literally translated as “the inflammation of the start,” its more colloquial meaning is “an obsessive need to start as many knitting projects as possible.”

Unfortunately, this is not a good condition to have in December when Christmas is a mere 22 days away. All of my knitted Christmas gifts except for one have been cast. One has already been completed, another is rather near completion and after it has been bound off, I can and will cast on the final gift. In that respect, all is well and good. I have even put some concentrated effort into each gift in the past 24 hours although admittedly some gifts have received more attention than others.

On top of my Christmas knitting, I am working on a test knitting project that needs to be completed by January 5. My progress on that is a bit iffy although I know that after Monday when I turn in my final College of Education paperwork, I can get down to business and defeat the Huns…er, work countless rows of stockinette. (Nota bene: Please remind me in the future to never agree to knit anything that requires endless rows of stockinette unless you want to listen to me whine about it. It turns out that I like my knitting to be interesting…except when it comes to my purse projects. And this project is not a purse project.)

Regardless of what I need to do, I want to start other, newer, more exciting projects. I want to make one of these or these (But first I need to get some Malabrigo sock yarn for those and I can’t afford that at the moment…) and one of these (and I really have the yarn for that one already; I’ve had it since May) and then I want to make something that looks like this. I’ve seen some imitations of it on Ravelry and I want that sweater. But I need to get some Cascade 220 or something similar for it.

In short, I want new and exciting projects. I have all these selfish knitting ideas in my head…but first I have to finish my Christmas knitting.

And yes, I do have Must-Knit-All-The-Things Syndrome. In case you were wondering…



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