Christmas Sneak-Peak

Someone recently described Advent as “the time of the year when crafting blogs go silent.”

I agree with that assessment. Christmas is exactly three weeks away, and while I’m definitely knitting, I don’t want to give away who is getting what. But I thought I’d show you two gifts that I’ve finished in the past twenty-four hours. Both objects are patterns that I’ve worked with before-and loved. And both gifts are, in my opinion, absolutely perfect for their intended recipients.

Less than a week after finishing my own Mustard Scarf, I made another one for a friend. And I’m relatively certain that she’ll love it.

And then, I went back to the Assemble Lace Shawlette that I tested back in June to make a Christmas present for someone else.

I’m a big fan of the shawl and the pattern.

And because no knitting blog is complete without cats…

Apparently, cats like to help block lace. Who knew?

And those are all the sneak peaks I can offer for now…although I can tell you that sometime later in the week, you’ll get to be privy to my first foray into Kool-Aid dyeing.


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