Another Christmas Sneak-Peak

I have another Christmas gift done and since I know the recipient won’t see this blog post until after her gift arrives, I’m going to show it off.

I made a shawlette. (The recipient remains unnamed until she opens her gift.) The pattern, which I made up on the fly, is a really quick knit. The edging is a different color because I ran out of pink yarn when I got to the cast-off, so I decided to use some light gray yarn to bind off. I wasn’t initially sold on the yarn, but it was the best I had on hand and I really didn’t want to go buy more yarn just to cast-off. (And since the pink yarn is a) from Knit Picks and b) dyed by hand with Kool-Aid there wasn’t much chance of recreating that same color again any time in the foreseeable future.)

But I love the contrast. I’m definitely planning on making another shawl like this for myself. In fact, I have a couple of other ideas up my sleeve for this pattern.

For now, however, this one is done, and I love it. I hope the recipient loves it as much as I do. And to end this for now, here are some gratuitous shawl pictures.



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