Random Friday

  1. I’m drinking vanilla caramel truffle tea. It sounds, smells, and tastes like a luxury.
  2. Yesterday, I added another piece of Christmas knitting to my life. I decided to make a man’s hat…and then I decided to design my own pattern instead of using someone else’s pattern.
  3. Today is the 236th anniversary of Jane Austen’s birth. In honor of that, I’m drinking my vanilla caramel truffle tea, enjoying some chocolate-raspberry truffles that were given to me in honor of the feast, and watching the good 1996 Emma. (This is in opposition to the bad 1996 Emma, of which we shall not say more.)
  4. Between now and December 25, I need to finish a shawlette and a hat. And I need to make a headband.
  5. I’m working in rebind again next week. This will cut into my knitting time.
  6. I’m going on a road trip this weekend. And I’m not driving. That will give me at least six hour of solid knitting time while In the car.
  7. The shawl is a relatively easy pattern. The headband is an absurdly easy pattern. The hat has cables. This weekend will be interesting.
  8. I need to get back to Jeremy Northam and the hat I’m knitting. But on Sunday or Monday, I’ll have pictures of a dress I sewed earlier this week, so stay tuned for that.

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