Random Wednesday

  1. All of my Christmas gifts except for one are done. I’ll cast that last one on tomorrow. (It’s an Abigail without the applique for my cousin. She doesn’t read the blog, so I feel entirely comfortable confessing all of this to y’all.)
  2. Now that my gifts are done, I can freely admit that Christmas is coming. It’s coming! In four days! The brother is coming in THREE days!
  3. As of 3:35pm today, I’m done with rebind until June. But it was a blast while it lasted. I loved being with the people even if the work is what Sir Percival Blakeney would call “demmed tedious.”
  4. The flash on my camera died the other day. I need a new one. That’s a major post-Christmas wish. I need to see what sort of gifts I get and what kind of money I can make once I start subbing in January. I also need to figure out exactly what I want. I know I want something fancier/more professional than what I currently have.
  5. I joined Pinterest the other day. I’m still not sure that this was a good idea. But it sure is fun!
  6. I’m tired. Hopefully I’ll have some more exciting blog posts as I get more excited about Christmas…or after Christmas.

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