I may have lost my mind. Note the use of the word “may.” The jury is still out. However, I have decided that I can finish my Holden shawlette in time to wear it to Christmas dinner on Sunday.

To understand the state of my insanity, you must understand a few things. When I got up this morning, I still had to work ten rows of stockinette on this baby. And then, I have to work the 38 row lace pattern, knit two rows in garter stitch, and bind it off. I’m four rows into the lace pattern. It’s about 4:15 on Friday afternoon. I want this thing done by noon on Sunday. Okay, that’s doable. Doable, not likely to happen.

Between now and noon on Sunday, I have to sleep (preferably) for at least nine hours a night, for the sanity of all who have to come into contact with me in the next forty-eight hours. I have to eat three meals per day. I have to decorate Christmas cookies with Momsy. I have to sew the fleece lining into Nina’s Abigail headband.

And I have to finish this shawlette. It’d be easy if it was all garter stitch, but this is lace shawl. It’s complicated. But I can do it.

I think.

I’m off to get some caffeine and keep rolling. Wish me luck; hopefully, I’ll have pictures of this (and other knitted goodies) to share on Monday.

And remember; I’m standing here solidly on my own two hands going crazy.


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