2011 in Review

At the beginning of the year, I set 11 goals for myself. I fulfilled some and didn’t fulfill others. So, let’s review the goals-and my level of success.

  1. Graduate from college-this will take the majority of the year but I will do it. CHECK!!!
  2. Finish Middlemarch. I started it last week and I’m only three chapters in. Ahem, let’s not talk about it. And then, we’ll make it a goal for 2012.
  3. Knit at least six pairs of socks. Last year, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee created a self-imposed sock club in which she created twelve kits including a pattern and some yarn to make a pair of socks every month. Well, SPM is a much more experienced knitter than I am and so I am starting a little more slowly. I’m going to commit to a pair of socks every two months with the intention of trying to get each pair done in a month. I’m starting by making these socks in green and I’m pretty excited about them. I made four pairs of socks out of my intended six. We’ll try again next year.
  4. I have two knitting patterns up my sleeve and I’m hoping to get them both out into the world this year. One was inspired by a sweater that Hermione Granger wears in the newest Harry Potter movie. The other is inspired by my imagination, current fashion trends, and by some of my favorite literary heroines. And if you want to know how all that can fit together, well stick around until a sweater pattern with a name from a Jane Austen novel gets posted. I released both of those patterns as well as a cowl pattern and a headband pattern. Also, I have two shawl patterns in development. I’d say I did something with my life. 
  5. I want to spend a week in Pittsburgh. I know I went there in the spring of 2010, but I want to go again this year. I didn’t go to Pittsburgh. But I want to go to Iowa this year.
  6. I want to knit my brother a sweater. Nope…he moved to Arizona. That ended my motivation. 
  7. I want to knit at least five sweaters this year. That includes the one for my brother, one for my friend Jenn that is currently “on needle,” and both of the patterns referenced in goal #4. But I also want to make Katie and Jenny sweaters for their birthdays, so I somehow feel that this will turn into making at least six sweaters. We’ll see. I didn’t make Katie or Jenny sweaters. But I did make six sweaters. And as the year comes to an end, I have two more on needle…and tonight I’m ordering yarn for two more. 
  8. I want to read Interior Castles by St. Teresa of Jesus. I own it; that’s the easy part. St. Teresa is a great personal heroine of mine and I want to learn more about her and learn from her. Check; awesome book! 
  9. I want to read a book from an author that I’ve never read before-not because I have to read it for a class but because I want to and because someone I trust recommended it to me. I think I fulfilled this goal. I read three books this fall purely on my mom’s recommendation-and I loved each of them. (For the curious, they were The Help, The Swan Thieves, and Cutting for Stone. I’d Amazon-link them, but I’m feeling lazy. Go google them yourself.) 
  10. I want to knit a cowl. I’ve never made one before-or even worn one. But I think it’s something that I would like and that would be useful to me. Well, I knit three, including one for which I designed my own pattern. 
  11. I want to be more patient. Now this might sound strange, but bear with me. I just listed off numerous knitting projects (sweaters, gloves, cowls) that I want to make. And as SPM said, “I don’t knit because I’m patient. I’m patient because I knit.” Ergo, What I want in 2011 is this…more knitting time. I want more time to sit and read a good book in peace, more time to knit and drink a lovely mug of tea, more time to relax. I don’t know how I’ll get that, but I’d really like it if I could get that. I don’t know if I did this. I don’t think so, but oh well…there’s always 2012. 
Also, with regards to my insanity from last week, I finished the shawl by 10:30pm on Christmas Eve and wore it on Christmas dinner.
I love it. I love the pattern. I want to make it again in another color, but I have about 5,000 other things I want to do first.
Also, I got a new camera today. I think I’m going to name it Miss Bates after the dear, sweet babbling busybody in Jane Austen’s Emma. 
That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for my 2012 goals coming soon to a blog near you!

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