Random Tuesday

  1. Yesterday, I released the pattern for my Catherine Morland shawl. You can buy it here.
  2. I spent today in a second grade classroom. I’m exhausted. I’m not even sure I’m thinking coherently anymore.
  3. This blog got over 870 hits yesterday. It’s kind of crazy…and while I know why it happened, I doubt that it will ever be a regular occurrence.
  4. Second graders are exhausting. I think it’s their energy level that keeps me from wanting to be an elementary school teacher.

My Day in Pictures

I got up this morning. I drank a cup of coffee.

I took a shower. I got dressed all cute.

(You don’t get pictures of this part of the day. But anyway…)

Then I went and spent half day subbing in a sixth-grade classroom.

Then I came home and I found the quickest path to Mordor on a Google Map.

Then, I spent a couple hours on my bed with some tea, my knitting, and the world’s most beautiful cat.

I love my current knitting project.

That’s my Georgia sweater and it’s my only project currently on needle. I’m in a monogamous relationship with this sweater until it’s done.

I also have a monogamous relationship with this bug-a-boo.

Isn’t my baby sweet?

That’s news to me!

As you might imagine, or perhaps you might not, I get some pretty interesting spam comments on this blog. However, Askimet, wordpress’s spam filter, is usually pretty good about catching them and stopping them from actually going onto the blog. Most of them are extremely inappropriate and things I’d never share with anyone. Others are utterly ridiculous and make no sense.

I also get to see what search terms brought people to my blog. And yesterday, someone found A Large Cup of Tea and a Long Book with this search term:  daniel cecilia baby big soon happy marry will 2013.

Okay, now this doesn’t make much sense. It’s not a sentence, but I think one could make sentences out of parts of it. And I think someone is *trying* to predict my future. I’m not sure if Cecilia and Daniel will have a big baby soon or if their (our?) baby will be big soon. And I think they will be happy soon. And they’ll get married in 2013.

Hmm, I didn’t know that I was marrying someone named Daniel in 2013. In fact, I’m not sure HOW I could marry someone named Daniel in 2013. I don’t really know a Daniel who I could marry and I seriously doubt that I’ll be getting married in 2013.

In all honesty, this is my favorite odd search term yet. It looks like it could be predicting my future, but it’s not. It can’t be. But it is entertaining.

FO Friday: Hannah

I’d like to introduce you to my newest finished object, Hannah. Hannah is a baby blanket/shawl that I created out of my very active imagination for the niece of a very dear friend of mine.

Hannah is made out of bright pink superwash wool. (Worsted weight, worked on size 8 needles)

Now, I might be slightly biased, but I think Hannah is absolutely gorgeous.

Now I was originally asked to make a baby blanket, and I had planned on using a more traditional baby blanket pattern/layout for this project. But then I decided to copy the pattern/styling that I had using for Hannah’s aunt’s Christmas present.

You see, as I started knitting, I realized that baby blankets, especially hand-knit ones, shouldn’t just be for infancy. They should be something that the child can take with them through life.

Baby blankets should be something that can be carried through life. They should be there for thirteen-year-olds who have watched a few too many episodes of Castle and Bones. They should be there for broken-hearted sixteen-year-olds. They should be there for late nights in college.

So this is for Hannah. And I hope that she likes it and that it stays with her long beyond infancy.

Potential Text Messages

I’ve spent most of today holed up, watching movies, and working on a baby blanket. However, as I’ve been working on it, I’ve had the urge to send various text messages, but I have no good friends who are knitters and would be able to understand my messages, so I’m sharing them with my blog. (Also, holy run-on sentence, blogosphere!)

Anyway, here they go…

  1. Here’s the problem with knitting a blanket in a triangle shape on circular needles. You have no clue how big it will really end up being.
  2. Here’s the problem with knitting about 500 stitches on a 24-inch circular needle. You have no clue how big this blanket will end up being.
  3. I have some idea of how big this blanket will end up being, but I’m didn’t swatch, so I have no clue how this yarn blocks. I mean, I know how superwash wool blocks in general, but I’m not sure how this one blocks out.
  4. This project’s successor needs to be an instant gratification project because triangle-shaped baby blankets will never be considered instant gratification knits in any world.
  5. Would Jane Austen approve of this project?

Okay, so I have a friend or two who might sort of understand that last text, but I’m not too sure that they’d totally get it. I spent a good three hours watching the 2008 BBC Sense and Sensibility while knitting. S&S has long been my favourite Jane novel in large part because I relate to Elinor Dashwood in a way that I relate to no other character in literature. (And no, it’s NOT just because of my mild crush on Dan Stevens. Thank you for asking.) I know that most people think that Colonel Brandon and Marianne have a more romantic love story than Edward and Elinor. And maybe they do. But I’m not looking for fireworks or white roses on coaches or men who fight duels-although those are all good and fine things. I’d much rather have a man who wants to do some good in the world and chops the wood for our fire and chases our chickens back into their pen.

But that’s an entirely different story. And if you really want to listen to me wax poetical about all the reasons why I love Edward Ferrars, please let me know and I can write a blog post about that.

In the meantime, I’m going to get back to putting the lace edging on this baby blanket. I should be done with that by about Monday or next Christmas. And then, I’ll be back with more adventures from my merry little life.


I’m working on a pattern. You’ve probably seen this pattern around here before.

It started out like this, and I gave it to Jenn for Christmas.

And then it looked like this, and I gave it to my mom for Christmas.

And now it looks like this, and I’m keeping this one.

The pattern is written. I’ve tested it three times and I’m more than slightly confident of it. But now I need to take some really good pictures of it before I can release the pattern. So, at some point in the near future, I need to find myself a model (I do have friends, after all) and get some awesome pictures of it in use. And then, I’ll be publishing a lovely free shawlette pattern that’s named after my great-grandmother.

FO Friday: Seedless Sedum

On Tuesday, I finished a sweater that I started working on right after Christmas. It was my post-Christmas selfish knitting piece-although most of my current knitting is technically “selfish” knitting to be entirely honest. Regardless, this was my first purely selfish piece in a while.

The pattern is Sedum by Jane Richmond. The pattern, which is wonderful, was originally written to be entirely worked in seed stitch, but I worked it entirely in stockinette because I really wanted a plain, simple cardigan. I’m planning on wearing this with my new skirts quite often, in fact.

This morning, Annie came over and took pictures for me. I’m tremendously pleased with them, and I’m very excited to share them with you.

Annie rather brilliantly proposed that we take pictures while I made tea. The sweater is terribly me-ish, and it is rather perfect to wear it while making tea since tea is one of my absolute favourite things in this world.

This picture is absolutely one of my favourites out of the bunch-because it has my beloved “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I love and admire you” mug from Brookish on etsy.

The mug in the above pictures (and in the one below) has a picture of my dear Audrey Hepburn. I love it.

In short, I’m utterly pleased with this sweater. I absolutely love it. And I might make another one like it in the future.

And how does The Reens feel about all of this?

She’d like you to know that you can’t read her poker face.

Have a splendid weekend! And hopefully I’ll have more exciting knitting news and pictures in the next few weeks.