12 Goals for 2012

I did this last year, and I thought I’d try it again. Last year, since it was 2011, I gave myself eleven goals. This year, I’m upping the ante slightly and giving myself twelve goals. I might continue in this vein for the next several years although around 2027, I might start to have trouble coming up with 27 goals for my life. But you never know. I might actually be able to do that. However, we’ve got 15 years before we have to find that one out.

So now, here are my 12 goals for 2012.

  1. Finish reading Middlemarch. It’s a carryover from last year, but this year I’m going to do it. Sorry, George Eliot, but you will not be on my 2013 list. Anthony Trollope will be replacing you.
  2. Make six pairs of socks this year. I made four last year, and I’m determined to do better this year. To be entirely honest, I don’t know why I’m so fixated on this, but I am. So, six pairs of socks, here I come.
  3. To find a real job-I think this is self-explanatory.
  4. Take the GRE…so I can go to grad school and, ya know, get a PhD in English literature
  5. Figure out which schools I want to apply to for grad school…and maybe apply this year? I might put that off another year. It depends on how a few other things play out.
  6. Go to Iowa for a week and see The Hunger Games with Jenn.
  7. Make Katie a sweater for her birthday…I know, I said I was going to do this last year, but I’m really going to do it this year.  She picked a pattern and a yarn today. It’s going to happen.
  8. I want to make myself six sweaters this year. And I want the Ravelympics to help me to this goal. (NB: These six sweaters do include the two cardigans I currently have on needle from 2011. They do not include the tunic I am frantically trying to finish right now or the two short sleeved shrugs I’m planning to make in the next week or so.)
  9. I want to sew more of my own clothes. There’s something that I love about looking at a piece in my wardrobe and knowing that I created it. I value my homemade (both knit and sewn) wardrobe pieces more than I value store-bought stuff.
  10. I want to have an adventure this year. I’m not entirely sure what that means, and based on the amount of uncertainty in my life at this point, I’m fairly certain that some sort of adventure is inevitable.
  11. Spent more time praying…and actually finish reading both of Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth books; I’m thinking that I need to accept that having a cup of coffee with God in the morning or a mug of tea with him in the evening is actually acceptable-and good for me.
  12. Last year, my final goal was to become more patient. This year, I have the same final goal but with a slightly different approach. I want to find some form of meditation that will help me to achieve some sort of peace/patience in my life.

So those are my goals. I think I have some other dreams and hopes up my sleeves, but those are other stories for other days.

But for now, Happy New Year!


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