FO Friday: Seedless Sedum

On Tuesday, I finished a sweater that I started working on right after Christmas. It was my post-Christmas selfish knitting piece-although most of my current knitting is technically “selfish” knitting to be entirely honest. Regardless, this was my first purely selfish piece in a while.

The pattern is Sedum by Jane Richmond. The pattern, which is wonderful, was originally written to be entirely worked in seed stitch, but I worked it entirely in stockinette because I really wanted a plain, simple cardigan. I’m planning on wearing this with my new skirts quite often, in fact.

This morning, Annie came over and took pictures for me. I’m tremendously pleased with them, and I’m very excited to share them with you.

Annie rather brilliantly proposed that we take pictures while I made tea. The sweater is terribly me-ish, and it is rather perfect to wear it while making tea since tea is one of my absolute favourite things in this world.

This picture is absolutely one of my favourites out of the bunch-because it has my beloved “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I love and admire you” mug from Brookish on etsy.

The mug in the above pictures (and in the one below) has a picture of my dear Audrey Hepburn. I love it.

In short, I’m utterly pleased with this sweater. I absolutely love it. And I might make another one like it in the future.

And how does The Reens feel about all of this?

She’d like you to know that you can’t read her poker face.

Have a splendid weekend! And hopefully I’ll have more exciting knitting news and pictures in the next few weeks.


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