Potential Text Messages

I’ve spent most of today holed up, watching movies, and working on a baby blanket. However, as I’ve been working on it, I’ve had the urge to send various text messages, but I have no good friends who are knitters and would be able to understand my messages, so I’m sharing them with my blog. (Also, holy run-on sentence, blogosphere!)

Anyway, here they go…

  1. Here’s the problem with knitting a blanket in a triangle shape on circular needles. You have no clue how big it will really end up being.
  2. Here’s the problem with knitting about 500 stitches on a 24-inch circular needle. You have no clue how big this blanket will end up being.
  3. I have some idea of how big this blanket will end up being, but I’m didn’t swatch, so I have no clue how this yarn blocks. I mean, I know how superwash wool blocks in general, but I’m not sure how this one blocks out.
  4. This project’s successor needs to be an instant gratification project because triangle-shaped baby blankets will never be considered instant gratification knits in any world.
  5. Would Jane Austen approve of this project?

Okay, so I have a friend or two who might sort of understand that last text, but I’m not too sure that they’d totally get it. I spent a good three hours watching the 2008 BBC Sense and Sensibility while knitting. S&S has long been my favourite Jane novel in large part because I relate to Elinor Dashwood in a way that I relate to no other character in literature. (And no, it’s NOT just because of my mild crush on Dan Stevens. Thank you for asking.) I know that most people think that Colonel Brandon and Marianne have a more romantic love story than Edward and Elinor. And maybe they do. But I’m not looking for fireworks or white roses on coaches or men who fight duels-although those are all good and fine things. I’d much rather have a man who wants to do some good in the world and chops the wood for our fire and chases our chickens back into their pen.

But that’s an entirely different story. And if you really want to listen to me wax poetical about all the reasons why I love Edward Ferrars, please let me know and I can write a blog post about that.

In the meantime, I’m going to get back to putting the lace edging on this baby blanket. I should be done with that by about Monday or next Christmas. And then, I’ll be back with more adventures from my merry little life.


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