FO Friday: Hannah

I’d like to introduce you to my newest finished object, Hannah. Hannah is a baby blanket/shawl that I created out of my very active imagination for the niece of a very dear friend of mine.

Hannah is made out of bright pink superwash wool. (Worsted weight, worked on size 8 needles)

Now, I might be slightly biased, but I think Hannah is absolutely gorgeous.

Now I was originally asked to make a baby blanket, and I had planned on using a more traditional baby blanket pattern/layout for this project. But then I decided to copy the pattern/styling that I had using for Hannah’s aunt’s Christmas present.

You see, as I started knitting, I realized that baby blankets, especially hand-knit ones, shouldn’t just be for infancy. They should be something that the child can take with them through life.

Baby blankets should be something that can be carried through life. They should be there for thirteen-year-olds who have watched a few too many episodes of Castle and Bones. They should be there for broken-hearted sixteen-year-olds. They should be there for late nights in college.

So this is for Hannah. And I hope that she likes it and that it stays with her long beyond infancy.


2 thoughts on “FO Friday: Hannah

  1. I found your website by accident, and I am getting ready to knit a baby sweater for a new addition to our family….. but I have to say that I LOVE your idea of knitting a shawl for baby girl to take with her on life’s journey! What a wonderful concept, and a great way to keep something so special in use instead of in a box. Thanks!

    • Thanks. I love baby sweaters and blankets-and I’ve made a few of each-but Hannah’s aunt wanted to give her something really special and I decided that, coming from her aunt, Hannah needed something that would stay with her for a lifetime.

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