That’s news to me!

As you might imagine, or perhaps you might not, I get some pretty interesting spam comments on this blog. However, Askimet, wordpress’s spam filter, is usually pretty good about catching them and stopping them from actually going onto the blog. Most of them are extremely inappropriate and things I’d never share with anyone. Others are utterly ridiculous and make no sense.

I also get to see what search terms brought people to my blog. And yesterday, someone found A Large Cup of Tea and a Long Book with this search term:  daniel cecilia baby big soon happy marry will 2013.

Okay, now this doesn’t make much sense. It’s not a sentence, but I think one could make sentences out of parts of it. And I think someone is *trying* to predict my future. I’m not sure if Cecilia and Daniel will have a big baby soon or if their (our?) baby will be big soon. And I think they will be happy soon. And they’ll get married in 2013.

Hmm, I didn’t know that I was marrying someone named Daniel in 2013. In fact, I’m not sure HOW I could marry someone named Daniel in 2013. I don’t really know a Daniel who I could marry and I seriously doubt that I’ll be getting married in 2013.

In all honesty, this is my favorite odd search term yet. It looks like it could be predicting my future, but it’s not. It can’t be. But it is entertaining.


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