Fast-Grab Friday

February is already ten days old and I haven’t posted yet, so I thought I’d catch you up to speed on a bit of my life of late.

  1. I sub. I have taught pretty much every grade from kindergarten to 12th graders in the past few weeks.
  2. I’m co-throwing a bridal shower on Sunday. Currently, I’m preparing 20 bags of chocolate as favors. And I’m making an awesome heart-shaped chocolate cake with cupcakes-all with chocolate frosting and blue and purple gel frosting decorations.
  3. This makes my life. I made this using google yesterday and took a screenshot. I love it.
  4.  I finished this hat a while ago but I haven’t blogged about it yet. I was test-knitting an awesome pattern for Elisa McLaughlin.
  5. Knitting sleeves in stockinette using sock yarn on size four needles takes forever. For.Ever. I thought this sweater would be done by now but it will probably take another week.

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