Miranda Sneak-Peak

In the past three days, I’ve surprised myself by creating a new pattern out of the blue. And quite to my own amazement, it’s actually spawned two new items.













About two months ago, I bought two skeins of Knit Picks’ new Full Circle Bulky Yarn. It’s a recycled wool yarn, which I was curious to try. My original intent was to turn these two skeins into a shrug, but as I started to knit, it just wasn’t coming together.













But the color (robin, a reddish-pink) struck me as absolutely perfect for a friend of mine. And I somehow found myself creating a cowl for her. But the cowl only took a skein of yarn (110 yds, if you care) so I whipped out a matching headband for her. (And I still have some yarn left…)













I need to do some editing with the pattern and I’d like to have it test-knitted before I publish it. And I definitely need to have some bettet pictures taken…hopefully using the recipient as a model. But I’m planning on releasing this pattern…around the time that winter ends.

And if you’re wondering what’s with the name Miranda, look no further than the lovely daughter of Prospero from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I love Shakespeare, and I fell in love with The Tempest when Momsy and I saw it in Stratford in the summer of 2010…starring the incomparable Christopher Plummer. Anyway, the word tempest refers to a storm, and I’d like this headband and cowl to be perfect for keeping the wearer warm in a winter storm…or a winter tempest. And since I like to name my patterns after characters from classic literature, I decided that I had to name this one after a character from The Tempest. And since Prospero has the power to call down tempests (as he does at the beginning of the play) I decided to name this set after his daughter…the lovely Miranda.













I think the name suits. I hope you agree. And (of course) I hope my chosen recipient loves them.


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