Where have I been?

I haven’t blogged in three weeks. And I realized that the longer it’s been, the harder it gets to come back to it. Real life is wearing me out. And if you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been here, living my life. I’ve been teaching and sewing and knitting and drinking tea (Have I mentioned how much I love this place? Or this one?) and coffee and reading and living.

I’m also kind of on a baking/cooking spree. (Sorry about the mess that the loaf of bread I “need” to make is going to make, Mom. But some days, you just need to make bread.)

Well, Saturday, it was some days, you just need to make brownies with pretzel M&Ms in them.

But they are super delicious. Trust me.

Of course, Saturday was also the day of “some days, you just have to make a dairy-free grilled cheese sandwich. Thankfully, Whole Foods sells almond cheese, which is delicious.

The really great thing about the Lisanetti cheese is that each chunk is enough cheese for me to make three sandwiches. And I love grilled cheese. It’s probably the thing I miss the most in my dairy-free life. Sure, I miss ice cream, but there’s always sorbet. And I rarely find myself missing mac and cheese. And I have some great dairy-free tuna noodle casserole recipes. But I miss grilled cheese sandwiches. And then I found Lisanetti at Whole Foods. It’s more expensive than cow cheese, but every now and then it’s a great treat.

Like I said, I’ve also being doing some sewing. Saturday, I spent the day working on a dress that I’ve been plotting since August. I bought the pattern and fabric in August. I cut the pattern and material out in October. (Side note: That blue dress that I blogged about back in October is uber-popular. People ask me where I bought it and how they can get one. Yesterday, someone even told me I should try to sell them. But then, it is an awesome dress.) Back then, I thought I’d have the thing done by the end of the month and I’d be wearing it all over the place all fall/winter.

Well, umm, that never happened. I lost steam on it. I lost interest in it. I neglected it for other projects. And it just sat in my bedroom until Saturday.

Saturday, I got home from running errands around two in the afternoon, sat down at the sewing machine and set to work. This is what I had by six o’clock.

I know it’s hard to tell from the picture, but the dress is almost done. All it needs are buttonholes and buttons. I own the buttons. I have a mother who is planning on teaching me how to use the buttonhole feature on her sewing machine on Saturday.

In other words, dudes, I shall have a finished dress by Sunday.

And yes, I know that it currently looks like a lab coat.

And then there is my current knitting project. (Side note: By “current knitting project,” I mean “my current knitting project with which I am spending the most time. I have three other projects on needle right now. But one is only for while watching Bones and Castle. And one is traveling knitting and one is teacher-free-period-while-subbing knitting. So this is my highest priority project at the moment. That’s because it’s my only project with a real, serious deadline in my future. But I digress…as usual…)

The picture is over a week old and the project is much larger now. It’s an Abalone sweater that will be a friend’s birthday present. I’m adding some colorwork to the bottom and the chest…and the sleeves, which will also be altered/added…mostly because, well, I can. I figured out how to do it, so I decided to take some advice from Nike and just do it.

And now, I’m going to check on my bread and get back to my real life.


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