Day Thirty-One: Something Beautiful

Sunset over a lake


Day Twenty-Nine: A Number

The date today

Today, I’m being lame and giving you a screen capture from my laptop. It’s May 29, so the little iCal icon on my dashboard is actually right-for one day out of the year.

Also, I spent most of the day in a warehouse, so I didn’t really have much of a chance to take pictures of numbers. But hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a great response to the prompt “your personality.”

Until then…

Day Twenty-Six: Twelve O’Clock

Disclaimer: I was asleep at midnight, and at noon, I was driving. So you don’t get a picture of where I was at either twelve o’clock today. However,  you can see a picture of a place where I’d love to spend many a twelve o’clock.

Juvenile fiction at John King Books

The view from the floor of John K. King Used and Rare Books around five o’clock this afternoon…I had some fun checking out these babies.

My favorite books as a child