On Color

I am utterly fascinated by colors. I’m not sure how much I ever talk about this, but the interaction between light and color utterly fascinates me. I love shades and tones and variations and hues. Simply put, I love color.

Lake Como, Italy
Photo credit: Blessed Hope Academy

This is probably one of the many reasons that I adore autumn. I love watching the different colors created as the leaves change colors. They’re so rich and vibrant and vivid. I love rich, vibrant colors. In fact, if you follow me on pinterest, you’ve probably seen evidence of my fascination with color in a few different ways-color palettes, pictures of beautiful scenery etc.

Photo credit: Pinterest

One example of my love of color is yellow. I love bright, vivid yellows. I find them to be utterly cheery. However, I can’t wear yellow. As someone who has olive undertones to her complexion, I look like I have jaundice whenever I wear yellow. Pretty, it is not.

Photo credit: Pinterest

But I now have a classroom to decorate. And my classroom does not have olive undertones in its complexion, so I get to use bright, cheery yellows. And it’s delightful. It makes me happier.

Color is also a key element in my knitting. I love yarns that have strong hue or subtle variations that add visual interest to a piece. I’m currently knitting two sweaters using Madelinetosh yarns. One of my favorite things about these yarns is the subtle variations in the dye. (They’re hand-dyed, if you’re wondering.) These variations add character to the pieces. They make them more interesting and appealing.

Color inspires and motivates my crafting. About a week ago, I saw a post on another knitter’s blog that included a few pictures of the knitter’s current WIP. She is also working with a Madelinetosh yarn and as I looked at her pictures, I knew two things. Numero uno: I must knit a project with this colorway soon. (It was Madelinetosh’s sequoia colorway, if you care.) Numero dos: This as-yet imaginary project must be a sweater and it must involve colors.

See, there’s another thing about my love of colors and knitting. I love how different elements of knitting (cables, lace, garter stitch etc) can accent or showcase a color. One of my current knitting projects involves a great deal of stockinette stitch (on size 8 needles with worsted weight yarn; don’t worry) and the stockinette is doing an amazing job of just showing off the magnificence of the colorway.

On the other hand, my other current project involves a pattern of knitting and purling and twisting stitches and this pattern is showing off the color of the yarn in an entirely different manner. In this case, the color is showing off the pattern.

In short, I love using my knitting to explore my love of color, and I’m looking forward to seeing how each of these projects (both are sweaters for me) turn out when finished and how the colors add to the beauty of the knits.

(If you’re interested, the purple project is Kerrera by Gudrun Johnston and the blue project is Sotherton by Kathleen Dames.)


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