Apple Pie Bread

Mom: I bought these apples last week but they must be last year’s apples or something. They’re okay for cooking but I wouldn’t take one for lunch or anything.

Me: Hmm…that’s interesting.

Translation: Hmm…what fun apple dessert recipes can I find on pinterest?

So I found Sunken Apple Pie Bread. And then I made some.

The recipe calls for apple pie filling; I made my own using my own recipe. Why? Because I don’t like using canned food if I can avoid it. (I also like to avoid microwaves if at all possible, but that’s another story. If you really want to know why I try to avoid store-bought canned food or microwaves, feel free to ask me. I’d be willing to do a post on it.)

There are a few things that made this recipe attractive to me. Firstly, it’s simple; it’s well-written and easy to follow. Secondly, with the substitution of margarine for butter, it’s easily made lactose-free. And thirdly, it has cinnamon in it. I love cinnamon.

Did I modify it? Of course I did; the Pope is still Catholic, right?

How? I added two teaspoons of vanilla to the recipe because while I dearly love cinnamon, I love cinnamon mixed with vanilla even more. (I also use both cinnamon and vanilla in my apple pie filling, so the whole thing oozes the taste of cinnamon and vanilla. I’m in heaven.)

Interestingly, however, my bread is not technically Sunken Apple Pie Bread because, well, my loaf didn’t sink as the recipe said it would. It’s still beautiful and delicious…it just didn’t sink. 

But it’s beautiful and delicious as previously stated.

Doesn’t this look delicious too?


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