FO: Sotherton

At long last, I have finished the Sotherton sweater. I started dreaming about this sweater when it appeared in Jane Austen Knits, Summer 2012. I started knitting it on Sunday, July 29, 2012 as a part of the Ravellenic Games. I did not finish it during the duration of the games. But Monday night, running low on sanity and peace, I finally finished it. I blocked it twice. This afternoon, I had a photo shoot with it. And I am content with the finished product.

Once again, I used my tripod and the self-timer on my camera to get these pictures. I’m pretty pleased with the result although I am aware that they could be better.


The name of the pattern (which was designed by Kathleen Dames) was inspired by the name of Mr. Rushworth’s house in Jane Austen’s novel, Mansfield Park.

The sweater is comfortable for the most part, and I adore the yarn-Madelinetosh Tosh DK in the Blue Gingham colorway. I’m already dreaming about the next project that I’m going to knit with tosh dk. I love it, seriously.

My only gripes with the pattern are that the sleeves are not full-length. As far as I know, they are supposed to be. And I followed the instructions in the pattern. However, I apparently have monkey arms and I needed to modify them to accomodate that quirk. I know better now…and will take this into consideration in the future.

I can wear the sweater with jeans if I wear a camisole underneath it. I don’t think it was designed for someone who prefers to wear low-rise skinny jeans most days. But that’s understandable. And I like the sweater.

And as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that really matters. Oh, and that I throw apples like a girl…







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