We have now successfully made it to the eighth, oops, tenth month of the year. That name is so darn misleading. Octopi do not have ten legs. Octagons do not have ten sides. So why is October the tenth month of the year? I’m going to take the easy way out and blame Julius Caesar.

October means some big things are stirring behind the scenes of the blog. I have two posts sitting my draft folder that will be posted during October. Both are on the topic of the lessons we can learn from literature. I’m very excited about both posts. However, this working with drafts and spending weeks stewing over a post is different from my normal posting style.

Typically, my posts are what I, as an English teacher, like to call “quick writes.” I pick a topic, I write about it for less than an hour, I edit the post, and I post it. It works for writing reflections on my life or blogging about my knitting and sewing.

However, these two pieces require thought and reflection. They’re more like essays. The first is a piece that I expect to have posted by the end of the weekend-provided that my workload doesn’t suddenly increase dramatically and thwart me at the pass. The other piece is a collaboration with a good friend of mine that will kick-off a series of guest posts on the topic “The Ten Most Important Things I’ve Learned from Literature.” I’m hoping to be posting this series every Thursday or Friday this month, but I’m not entirely sure about that.

Beyond these two (potentially) awesome posts, there are also some other big things coming your way. For one, my Kerrera *should* be finished by the end of October. I’m not promising anything here, but I’d like it to get off my needles and into my wardrobe ASAP. And I’d also really like to get a lovely fall photoshoot with it while that’s still an option.

I’m also going to have some fun little girl knits popping up here over the next month or so. One is about 50% done and the other two are sitting in skeins of yarn that need to be wound into balls. I’m thinking those should be fun, quick, and cute. Unfortunately, none of them will be modeled until Christmastime, but c’est la vie.

There may be a sock or two popping up to help celebrate Socktober…but again, no promises; I do know that my life is busy.

And there will be some projects that will only be in sneak-peak mode because, well, Christmas is less than three months away and in knitter-speak that means “start knitting. Yesterday.” (FYI: I didn’t.)

And this month, I may finally get around to writing the “100 things you never really needed to know about me” post that I occasionally think that I should write for kicks and giggles.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what else will be happening around here in October. But keep your eyes peeled for “The Ten Most Important Things I Learned from Literature.” I’m hoping to have the first post up before the weekend.


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