I fail at blogging. I have become the kind of blogger that I swore I’d never be, the kind of blogger who drives me insane.

I have become the blogger who never updates, the blogger who makes promises and doesn’t keep them.

I epically failed at everything I planned to do in October as far as the blog goes. There were no knitting updates. The “10 Things I Learned from Literature” series crashed and burned. I still haven’t finished the “Letter to My (potential) Daughters” post. I didn’t write the 100 Things About Me post.

Now, I know that I have good reason to be busy and stressed. I know that it’s all right that I have no time for blogging and that my real life is getting in the way of my virtual life. I know that is acceptable. But it’s still hard to look at my post from early October and realize that I’m failing at something.

My only goals for November are the following: I’m going to try to be a good teacher and to finish one sweater. I can’t handle much more failure right now.


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