Austentatious Christmas Gifts

With a mere nine days to go before Christmas (and a meager eight shopping days) this post may be a bit late. However, it’s better late than never.

Austenites are just like everyone else…they just love Jane Austen more. But they love coffee mugs, tea cups, t-shirts, sweatshirts, necklaces, bracelets, magnets, movies, posters, journals, ornaments, and books.

So what should you get for that Austen-lover in your life?

(Disclaimer: I am not being paid to write this post by any of the websites that I recommend. This post merely reflects my own opinions, tastes, and preferences.)

Well, there are a few different categories to look at.


You can always go with the traditional approach and buy your Austen lover a copy of a book written by the incomparable Miss Austen. This is the most traditional route. I would recommend checking with your Austen lover to find out which novels they already have. Additionally, look into whether or not your Austen lover has an e-reader. If they do, you might want to look into the e-reader format for your gift. Regardless, the link below will take you to the complete listing of what Jane Austen novels are currently available via Amazon. Please check it out.

Jane Austen on Amazon


Movies are always a great way to enjoy the genius of the divine Miss Austen. You might want to find out what Austentatious movies your Austen-lover would like. After all, Austenites love watching and rewatching movies of our favorite books.

I’m going to recommend my favorite Austen adaptations for your purchase, but please remember that these are only suggestions.

Naturally, I must recommend the fabulous 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice featuring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.

Pride and Prejudice (Restored Edition)

However, my favorite Austen adaptation is actually the 2009 iTV adaptation of Emma starring Jonny Lee Miller and Romola Garai. It is delightful.

Emma (2009 BBC Version)

I dearly love Sense and Sensibility, and I’m actually going to recommend two different film adaptations.

Sense & Sensibility / Miss Austen Regrets

Sense & Sensibility (Special Edition)


Out of Print Clothing carries a t-shirt and a sweatshirt that feature the cover of Pride and Prejudice. It looks warm and darling.

Brookish on Etsy carries a variety of Austentatious wardrobe pieces. For example, this Darcy proposal sweatshirt would make a great gift for me. She has a variety of other shirts for your perusal.

Brookish also carries scarves in a variety of colors that feature either Darcy’s or Wentworth’s proposal.

CafePress carries an extensive range of shirts and sweatshirts.


Austen lovers often love practical things. For example, they still need travel mugs, water bottles, and mugs for their tea.

So where should you go to buy them such things? For this, I’m going to have to recommend Cafe Press. I know that by searching for Jane Austen mugs on Etsy, you can find many other options as well. But the selection isn’t huge these days.

(However, you can make your own Jane Austen inspired mugs. For more on that, see my tutorial.)

Austen lovers also may enjoy magnets. For that, I send you to The Bookish Life on Etsy. Actually, just go there. It’s an awesome place staffed by awesome people. But if your Austen lover is in the market for magnets, then they may well love these bad boys.


This can be referring to two things. First off, there are totally awesome Jane Austen inspired Christmas ornaments.

And then there is equally awesome Jane Austen jewelry. The Bookish Life has some awesome bracelets. (She also does some really cool stuff with Jane Eyre too.)

Beyond these basic ideas, feel free to check out my Austentatious pinterest board and Etsy treasury for more ideas.

And feel free to comment with other ideas/suggestions/comments.


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