Miranda Headband and Cowl


Today, I have a great pleasure of announcing to y’all that I have finally finalized and published a knitting pattern that I started working on almost a year ago. IMG_1358 Back in February of 2012, I started working on a pattern for a headband and a cowl that I had decided to name after Miranda, Prospero’s lovely daughter in Shakespeare’s delightful, ethereal (and Caribbean) play The Tempest. It took me a year to get everything together, but at long last, it is my great pleasure to announce that the Miranda Cowl and Headband patterns are now available for sale on Ravelry. (Cowl pattern here, headband pattern here, both together here)IMG_1360Both projects require a US size 9 (5.5mm) needle and bulky weight yarn. I used Knit Picks Full Circle Bulky for the red sample and Dream in Color Groovy for the purple sample. The headband requires about 50-60 yards of yarn and the cowl requires about 110.
IMG_1361 If you’re wondering how I combined a play set in the Caribbean with winter, it all comes from the dictionary definition of a tempest, which is “a violent windstorm, especially one with rain, hail, or snow.” Well, Shakespeare’s tempest had more to do with rain, but I live in Michigan. And while last winter wasn’t too snowy, I’ve already had three snow days in the past three weeks. In Michigan, we know what a tempest is all right. We just know different tempests than say those known by the folks in say Jamaica.IMG_1370 I then looked at the way Miranda is described in The Tempest. And when I saw this particular line, I knew that I had found the name for this cowl and headband set.

…But you, O you,
So perfect and so peerless, are created
Of every creature’s best!

-The Tempest, Act III, Scene 1

IMG_1327 So inside or outside, this set is designed to keep you warm and protect you from any and all tempests. IMG_1329 But sadly, I do not get to keep either of the samples. The red one must go back to its rightful owner and the purple one will be mailed to Pennsylvania tomorrow. Mercifully, I have a few skeins of bulky weight yarn in my stash yet so I can make myself a set. I love these two sample sets and I can’t wait to have one of my own.

IMG_1334So hop on over to Ravelry and check out the pattern pages!

P.S. Scroll back through my various pictures to see if you can spot my cutest employee photobombing my photoshoot.


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