FO: Aerie Shawl

As a Christmas present to myself, I joined the TFA Year in Colour Club for 2013.

The first pattern of the year was the Aerie Scarf by the very talented Julie Crawford. Now, my first thought on opening the pattern back in January was that it was very beautiful, but it was soooo not my style. I liked the lace pattern. I adored the yarn. But the scarf is just not my style. So I put everything for it aside and began ruminating about how to turn this into something that I loved.



full length view of the shawl


lace detail

And then, in early March, I was watching The Dark Knight Rises. Now, most of you probably didn’t notice this, but in TDKR, some of Bane’s henchmen wear these red (probably asymmetrical) scarves that remind me of something Martina Behm would design.  IMG_1414 And that’s where I started working. I grabbed the (gorgeous) mulberry silk in boysenberry and my size 4 needles. And I started building an asymmetrical garter stitch scarf. Then, about three feet into the garter stitch, I added three repeats of chart A of the lace charts from Julie’s pattern. I then put in about eight or nine more rows of garter stitch, three more repeats of chart A, eight or nine more rows of garter stitch, and three more repeats of chart A. I used up about 75% of the skein (around 415 yards, I think).IMG_1415 And I am thoroughly pleased with the result. I foresee this baby getting a lot of use this spring. IMG_1418And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to make myself a pair of Patina socks


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