FO: Water St. Cardigan

In the spring of 2012, Glenna published the pattern for the Water St. Cardigan. I queued the pattern on April 1, and in October I bought yarn (Tanis blue label) with every intent of making myself a sand colored cardigan. It was going to be the perfect neutral for my teacher wardrobe. I was even planning on starting the cardigan over my spring break this year.


But in late March of this year, Tanis posted an update in her one of a kind Etsy shop. In said update, there were four skeins of a 75% wool/25% silk blend in a color called “rosy haze.” I snatched them up, knowing immediately that I had to have them to make my own Water St. Cardigan.


So, on March 30, I cast on for the sweater. And a more two and a half months later, I finally finished the sweater last night. I blocked it over night, and it’s perfect. I am in love with the sweater. The fit is amazing. The color is stunning. The feeling of the yarn is sublime. I am utterly in love with this yarn. It’s soft and snuggly and I’m pretty sure that it might have some sort of relationship to baby kittens.


I lengthened the sleeves slightly to accomodate my own personal preferences. I also lengthened the bottom of the sweater by two inches to (again) accomodate my own personal preferences.


To be entirely honest, I might make another one of these yet. And if I can ever get my hands on more of this yarn, I might have to make another sweater out of it.

IMG_1529More information (amount of yarn used, size of needles etc) can be found on my Ravelry project page.




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