Why do you come here?

In light of the imminent demise of Google Reader, I recently had to migrate my Google Reader feed into a new source. I chose to replace Reader with Feedly because it came very highly recommended from people I trust. I am also experimenting with Bloglovin, and I’ll see which one I like more. By the end of July, I’ll probably choose one over the other, but for the moment, I want to compare and contrast.

However, as I have been working with the migration into Feedly and Bloglovin, I have been looking at which blogs I follow in an attempt to clean up my blog feeds. I have discovered that some of the blogs that I started following over the past few years no longer interest me. Blogs that were once primarily crafting blogs have become “mommy blogs” or “lifestyle blogs.” If this is what interests these bloggers at this point in their lives, that’s fine for them. However, it doesn’t interest me, so I simply won’t continue to follow them.

So why am I blogging about this? I want to know what brings readers to my blog. Do you want to read my posts about my life? Do you want to read posts about my faith? Do you want more photography? Do you want more knitting? I don’t want this blog to just be some floating void that no one actually reads. I want to know what interests you and what will keep you coming back to the blog.

Please let me know in the comments what you like, what you’d like to see more of, what you don’t like.


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