FO: Royale

The following post comes to you after three years of wishing, dreaming, and knitting.

In May of 2010, Glenna published the Royale pattern. I immediately fell in love with it and added it to my Ravelry queue. There was only one problem.


The problem was simple. I was not a good enough of a knitter (yet) to make this sweater. To make it, I would have to be able to cable without a cable needle, follow two (reasonably complex) cable charts, and a few other things. In 2010, there was no way I could have made this sweater. IMG_1542 So I queued it and bided my time. Then, last summer, I decided that my skill level had caught up to the sweater. I bought the pattern. In October, I bought seven skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label in the shadow colorway. And on a snow day in January, I finally started the sweater. IMG_1543It took me five months and two days to get from that snow day to the sweater I’m wearing in these pictures. It also took me 5.2 skeins of yarn.
IMG_1545 But regardless, the sweater is done. It fits like a dream. The cables are gorgeous. As you’ll see in the following pictures, I had fun playing with it in the backyard. (It was 84 degrees Fahrenheit when I took these pictures.) IMG_1547 IMG_1549 IMG_1550 IMG_1552 So I met my challenge. I completed the sweater after three years of dreaming. And I love it. IMG_1553

Next, I’m going to learn how to do colorwork.

Pattern: Royale

Yarn: TFA Green Label (Aran weight) 

Raveled here


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