FO: Papaya Shawlette

As I’ve mentioned before, this year, I decided to join (as it were) the Tanis Fiber Arts Year in the Color Club. I’ve shown off a few of the items I’ve made using club yarns and patterns over the past few months, but this month’s pattern and yarn are the ones that I’m most excited to share with you. 

This month’s yarn was Tanis’s Red Label (a wool/cashmere/silk blend) in a color she named Papaya. It is the perfect blend of red, pink, yellow, and orange. And I love it. It is also one of the softest yarns I’ve ever held in my life. Yesterday morning after Liturgy, I was finishing up the shawl while my friend’s five-year-old was petting the shawl/yarn because of how soft it is. The yarn is like a dream. And the color is amazing. As soon as I saw the yarn, I couldn’t wait for the pattern because the color was so beautiful. 

IMG_1641And Tanis did not disappoint with the pattern. The Papaya Shawlette is beautiful. It isn’t a difficult knit-although it did help me to conquer my fear of provisional cast-on. For me, that was the hardest part of the whole pattern.

IMG_1647 I finished my shawl in less than two weeks just by working on it in evenings and on weekends while rereading the Harry Potter books. (FYI, I finished the shawl yesterday. I’m still not quite done with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet. But the day isn’t over yet.) 

IMG_1642The pattern calls for size 6 needles, but I accidentally grabbed my size 7s instead. I think it created a slightly looser fabric than the 6s might have. But regardless, I’m pleased with the end result-a soft, lightweight shawl that adds a pop of color and whimsy to my wardrobe. 

IMG_1646For more information, see my Ravelry project page



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