FO: Chartreuse

At some point last fall-maybe in September, I started seeing pictures of an absurdly fabulous cabled cardigan pop up on Thea Colman’s instagram feed. I was smitten, and I knew that I had to buy this pattern and knit it up-as soon as Thea released the pattern. By mid-November, I knew that the pattern would be released about a week before Thanksgiving.

Shortly before Thea released the pattern, I received my November shipment for the Tanis Fiber Arts Year in Colour. When I saw the “cloudless” color, I knew that this was the color that I had to knit this sweater out of. So, once Thea released the pattern, which we all now know as Chartreuse, I contacted Tanis and asked her if I could place a special order for a sweater quantity of cloudless on orange label-her worsted weight wool/cashmere/silk blend. She got it to me by early December, and then it was just a matter of finishing up my other WIPs so I could make this sweater.

IMG_2157To sweeten the deal for me, Thea is hosting a Knit-Along in her Ravelry group that began in early January, and that provided me with extra motivation to knit the sweater. I finished it yesterday-a mere 34 days after I started it, and I’m completely in love with this sweater. The pattern is straightforward and easy to follow; it’s also MUCH easier than I thought it might be. And it’s beautiful. As soon as I knew the sweater was done blocking, I put it on. And I’m refusing to ever take it off ever. I’m planning on living in this sweater.  IMG_2158

I used approximately seven skeins of orange label to make the sweater, and I’m completely thrilled with the end result. I love the way that orange label makes cables squooshier. It’s a warm, snuggly sweater, and it’s exactly what I need for this cold winter we’re having. IMG_2159


And for the record, I’m planning on making another one at some point in the not too distant future. IMG_2160

Raveled here.


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