FO: Wex

For the third straight year, I’m participating in Tanis Fiber Arts Year in Colour Club. The first pattern of the 2015 club was Wex, which Tanis (rather brilliantly) paired with a rainbow-colored skein of cosmic blue label.


Here’s what I’ll tell you about this pattern. It’s pretty easy to memorize (eventually), which makes it great traveling knitting-once you’ve memorized the pattern. It also grows pretty quickly, so you can see your progress as you’re knitting. This is also really comforting. But the absolute best thing about this was the color of the yarn.


Look at that color. It’s so bright and cheery and happy and sparkly. That was a major motivator for me to knit this shawl so quickly. I just wanted to look at something that wasn’t white or gray or snow. IMG_2166 I’m already thinking about starting another one. Raveled here


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