FO: Midnight Pullover

In August of 2013, I picked up my knitting needle and some scrumptious Tanis Fiber Arts purple label yarn in the gorgeous Midnight colorway and started knitting a sweater. It was going to be a ¾ sleeved cardigan with a lovely lace motif in the upper back. I knit the sleeves and I started the body, but I quickly realized that this wasn’t what I wanted. So I threw it all aside with the intent of coming back to it later.


Occasionally, I would pick it up and work on it a bit, but it wasn’t much of a priority for me. Somewhere in the winter of 2013-14, I decided to move it from the original size 4 needles unto a pair of size 6 needles and take it from being a cardigan to being a pullover. I dabbled with that pullover when I was bored with everything else until late March of this year. Then, I decided that I was going to focus on this pattern in earnest. I was going to finish this pullover so that I could wear it this spring. My goal was to finish it before I went to Holland in late May because I had this weird goal of wearing it by Lake Michigan. (Please note that it is not yet late May; I have accomplished my goal.) IMG_2251

I worked the sweater up to the row before the sleeve join on the size 6 needles. Then I switched the whole thing back to the size 4 needles. Here, to give the piece a little more visual interest, I worked two rows in aurora (one on 6s, one on 4s). Then I went back to midnight when I joined the sleeves. The rest of the sweater was worked on size 4s.


After the sleeve join, I worked a three-stitch diagonal line in aurora on the right side of the back. It gives a little more visual interest, and I think it makes the sweater more fun. I ended that diagonal line with a single row in Aurora across only the back. Two inches above that row, I worked another row in aurora. I think that this makes the sweater unique and more “me.”


I bound off with an attached i-cord. After a good soak, the part of the sweater that was knit on size 6 needles grew, turning the sweater into a tunic. The yarn is soft, comfortable, and gorgeous. I am very pleased with the results.


Raveled here.


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