What I Look for in a Cup of Tea

Obviously, I like tea a little bit. Over the course of my life, I’ve consumed a few cups of it, and I know a little bit about the subject. I drink tea at various times of the day and for various reasons, so I thought I’d throw a little of my tea drinking knowledge into the vast void in the hopes that it might help or interest others.


The most important thing for me in choosing a cup of tea is the flavor of what I’m about to consume. I prefer to be able to smell what I’m about to drink rather than just buy something online and hope that it will meet my expectations. This is why I really like visiting my local tea shop. I can smell the teas before I buy them and talk to the people who work there about the flavors. They also occasionally have samples out to taste, and I really like that. I’ve bought some teas that I otherwise wouldn’t have because I was able to taste them.


I will buy from Adagio Teas at times. However, I am willing to buy from them because of their detailed product descriptions. And even then, I feel a little nervous about what I’m going to get. It’s a bit of a leap of faith because I may not be getting something that I’m actually going to love.


So what do I like? I like strong flavors and I tend to enjoy fruity flavors-especially peach. I have a variety of different peach flavored teas-black teas, white teas, iced teas…I like peach teas. Tazo Tea makes a peach green tea that I really like. I like Swirl Tea’s cold brew peach green tea. I have a tea called Cinderella Tea (a gift that a friend bought from Margaret’s Fine Teas in Pittsburgh) which is a black tea that has dried apple, pineapple, orange, elderberries and mango along with blackberry leaves and other floral/plant leaves. I find these flavors to be more complex and intriguing.


I also like flavors such as mint, jasmine, and cinnamon. I tend to find these kinds of teas to be comforting flavors. They’re good standbys when I need something calming and comforting. I have a mint green tea from my local tea store that I just love. (Apparently, it’s very popular with their customers.) I tend to drink that tea when I’m studying or stressed. I’ll drink that old standby of green tea with jasmine when it’s offered, but I won’t go buy it on my own. I have a few black and green teas that have cinnamon in them, and I always like those. To me, these are safe, comfortable flavors.


As I mentioned above, there are some teas that I find to be fun and others that I find to be safe and comfortable. When I choose a tea, there are two experiences that are very important for me to consider. The first one is my own personal situation at the moment. I don’t want to be exploring new or complex flavors of tea while I’m writing a paper or grading an assignment. For me, those moments are the perfect times for subtle flavor like a peach tea or a mint tea. They’re calming flavors, and they don’t require much of my attention.


On the other hand, something like the Cinderella tea I mentioned previously is going to come out for a movie night or when I’m reading for pleasure. Then I have more mental energy for enjoying the flavors that I’m drinking.


I really like the Mr. Darcy tea from Adagio teas. The second time that I made a cup I informed my housemate that it smelled like I thought that Mr. Darcy would smell. Then I made her smell it; she agreed. That’s not something that I’m likely to drink while I’m doing work because it will distract me. On the other hand, it could be very enjoyable while I’m reading or watching Pride and Prejudice. It definitely is enjoyable when I’m reading other books and watching movies. While on vacation with a few friends over Memorial Day weekend, we consumed numerous pots of the stuff. It has a good amount of caffeine and a great taste.


I’m also (probably unsurprisingly) a fan of the Lizzy Bennet tea from Adagio. It has a quirky flavor to it, and I love it. It’s a warm, playful flavor created by a mix of black tea, spices, and blackberries. It’s not too sweet, but it is warm and pleasant. It’s a comfortable tea. This was also consumed over Memorial Day but not as much as Darcy.


I like my tea to match my mood. If I’m in a calm mood, I’m going to be looking for something light and soothing. This, for example, is a great time for mint tea. I also find peach tea soothing, but I suspect that’s a matter of personal taste. If I’m in a playful mood, I’m going to want something that meets me where I am. This is when I’m going to want Lizzy Bennet. Mr. Darcy, on the other hand, is great for waking me up. It has high caffeine content, and the flavors don’t overwhelm me.


Overall, I want a flavor that matches my mood. I want my tea drinking experience to complement my emotions and improve them. I don’t want drinking tea to feel like work. I want to enjoy it. So whether that’s mint or peach or black, I’ll take it. I might want it hot; I might want it iced. Regardless of the temperature outside or the temperature of my tea, once I’m done with my morning coffee, it’s pretty safe bet that you’re going to find me drinking tea.


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