FO: Stripe Parade



In late April, The Plucky Knitter released her spring pattern collection, Spring Forward, that features patterns from the Plucky Knitter herself as well as Amy Miller and Jill Zielinski. There were a few patterns that caught my eye and ended up in my library, but there was one pattern that I knew that I needed. It was Amy Miller’s Stripe Parade. I procured yarn for the sweater; I wanted to use Plucky’s primo fingering and after a bit of destash hounding, I ended up with three colors that I really liked. My goal was to make a sweater with pink and gray stripes and a purple accent stripe. It’s not exactly my normal color palette, but it is colors that I like together.


I’m not the world’s fastest knitter, and I’ve been a bit busy this summer. (Also, in June I decided that I wanted to make it into a sweater dress instead of a regular sweater but I digress.) But I finished the sweater on Saturday morning. And I love it. It is exactly what I wanted. IMG_2384

But it’s done now, and I love it. I recommend the pattern highly. It’s well-written and easy to work with. And the yarn, well, it’s delightful. IMG_2385 IMG_2389

Raveled here.


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