Five Links that I Love

Today, I’m giving you links to five articles that I’ve read in the past week or so that I’ve really loved or that have really made me think. I’m hoping that this becomes something of a regular feature around here.

How to Make Time to Date When You Think That You’re Too Busy: I’m busy. I’m working, I’m in grad school, and I have various other commitments (youth group, church, etc) on my time. As I told a friend of mine in May, I’m not actively seeking a boyfriend/relationship right now while I’m in grad school. But if I met the right guy, you can bet your buttons that I’d make it work. For the right guy, I’d find times in ways like this article suggests.

14 Things that All Single, Independent Women Want: I’m not sure that I 100% agree with this, but there are some really good things on this list. They’re things that I want, not need. I’d love to have someone surprise me, miss me, show me that I’m valued. I don’t NEED these things. I want them. It would be nice to have them, but I can and will survive without them.

Increase Your Productivity by Listening to the Right Music While You Work: I like listening to classical music while I work, but this article has some great ideas for other ways to use music to help me while I work.

The Other Autistic Muppet: As a teacher, I’m really excited to see Sesame Street try to help autistic kiddos. But I also really appreciate this perspective on the other autistic Muppet.

Thoughts on Creativity: Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess talks about the creative process. I enjoy her perspective, and as a sometimes-writer, I find her message encouraging.




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