Five (more) Links that I Love

Today, I’m giving you links to five articles that I’ve read in the past week or so that I’ve really loved or that have really made me think. I’m hoping that this becomes something of a regular feature around here.

It’s Okay to be Miserable: This is an incredibly beautiful meditations on the Theotokos’s suffering during her darkest hours. It provides a remarkable commentary on suffering, and I really appreciated it.

The Most Important Trait I’m Looking for in a Man: I won’t spoil the article for you, but suffice it to say, she’s right. Or at least, I agree with her.

Thanks, Mom: As usual Simcha is right.

Rene Girard Died: I don’t love that he’s gone, but I love his legacy.

Sandra Bullock Played a Man’s Role, which is cool, but…: Where are all the good, strong female movie roles?



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