Friday Link Love

Today, I’m giving you links to five articles that I’ve read in the past week or so that I’ve really loved or that have really made me think. This is going to be a weekly thing on Friday from now on.

Single and 30: I’ve talked before about embracing life while I’m single. Life was made to be lived, so go live it. Don’t wait until you’re married for your life to begin. Your life has already begun. Make the most of it instead of waiting for something that may or may not happen.

Is this the future of marriage prep in the Church?: I’m not engaged. I’m not dating. But if I ever get married, I want a program like this. I want a mentor couple. I want this kind of Christ-centered and relationship-centered support.

17 Gifts for Grammar Nerds: Christmas is drawing nigh, and I know a few grammar nerds. I might even be one myself.

Hilarious Love Letter Found in the Street: My hometown made the fictional news. I’m a real person now!

In Saudi Arabia, Where Women’s Suffrage Is a New Idea: This is heartbreaking. This is 2015. Half of the Canadian cabinet is female, and yet there are still places in this world where women lack suffrage or full suffrage. When will this change?


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