Friday Link Love

Here I am with my weekly links to five articles that I’ve read in the past week or so that I’ve really loved or that have really made me think.

What I discovered from Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters: This is intensely interesting. It’s both sad and educational.

Nativity Fast Traditions for Byzantine Catholics: It is what it says on the tin, kids. You might find it interesting if you are Byzantine Catholic or if you want to know more about Byzantine Catholics.

Single and Okay: Here’s my star thought from this article. “I often wonder what would happen if our churches began to see being single as a viable option, as something to be honoured. If our churches saw being single as a gift and became an alternative community where unmarried people were welcomed, wholeheartedly and honoured and heard.” I too wonder that. What would happen? Maybe it’s time to find out.

14 Tattoos all Jane Austen Lovers Should Get: I’m not the tattoo-getting type, but if I were, I might choose one of these.

18 Lines from The Princess Bride that You’re Still Quoting: Inconceivable


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