10 Gifts for the Coffee Drinker in Your Life

In years past, I’ve written posts about Christmas gifts for the Jane Austen lover in your life. (here and here; I’d still accept any of those gifts from anyone who is so inclined.) But this year, I’ve decided to write two gifting posts: one about gifts for the tea drinker in your life and the other for the coffee drinker in your life.

  1. The Compendious Coffee Chart: This is arty and fun. My walls are craving it.
  2. Make Coffee, Not War: Visualized Whirled Coffee Beans. That’s kind of like visualize whirled peas, right?
  3. Morning, Noon, and Night Coffee: Yum!
  4. Merlot Infused Coffee: Lo necesito.
  5. Coffee Lover Earrings: Dude, these are gorgeous, geeky, and caffeinated. I’d wear them.
  6. Coffee Skincare: You’d smell great.
  7. More coffee skincare: You’d smell like Joe. I like Joe.
  8. A pour-over mug: This would be fun and useful.
  9. A giftcard to Mystic Monk: Maybe this is just what I want?
  10. A coffee date: Grab your favorite coffee lover and take them out for coffee at your favorite coffee place. I bet they’d love you. I know I’d love someone who bought me coffee. Or someone who brought me coffee…

One thought on “10 Gifts for the Coffee Drinker in Your Life

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