11 Gifts for the Tea Lover in Your Life

In years past, I’ve written posts about Christmas gifts for the Jane Austen lover in your life. (here and here; I’d still accept any of those gifts from anyone who is so inclined.) But this year, I’ve decided to write two gifting posts: one about gifts for the tea drinker in your life and the other for the coffee drinker in your life.

  1. Tea Advent Calendar: A friend sent me this link, and I love it. I want it. I need it. A different tea each day? Excellent! And you have two options-festive or classic. This is amazing.
  2. Adagio Tea Christmas tea: It comes in bagged or loose. How fun! Also, the main link will take you to Adagio’s Christmas central as it were.
  3. Tea Party Soap Set: This tea will clean you.
  4. Tea from Around the World Set: I really want this. It looks fun. I like tea, and I like test tubes. Can I have this?
  5. A Day in Tea: This could be fun.
  6. Tea Bag Holding Mug: If you use tea bags, it is Literally The WORST when your tea bag falls into your tea. This mug is a hero.
  7. The Taxonomical Tea Box: This is thing that my walls desire most heartily.
  8. “But first, tea” print: I do so love this quote.
  9. Here and here are two pieces of jewelry with tea in them: So charming
  10. A gift card to their favorite tea shop
  11. A tea date with you



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