FO: Cassidy Lady Sunnyside

It’s been more than a year since I last posted about knitting my first Lady Sunnyside for myself. I said then that it wouldn’t be my last. Well, about a week and a half ago, I finished my second one, and now I get to show you the pictures.


Oh, and you get to meet one of my kittens, Scout. Her brother, Jem, refused to be photographed today, but Scouty wanted to be held the whole time I was taking these pictures. IMG_2315

The yarn is Scholar by the Plucky Knitter in the color Cassidy. It’s a rich blue that is almost impossible to photograph.IMG_2340 IMG_2348 IMG_2356 IMG_2370

I did make a few edits to the pattern. I knitted this one to hang open or be closed with a belt instead of buttoning up in the front. I also added a cable running down the sides to make this one different from my other Lady Sunnyside.

Raveled here.

Oh, and there are totally more Lady Sunnysides in my future.


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