The Thoughts You Have on Watching The Road to El Dorado as an Adult

Prior to this evening, neither Joy nor I had ever seen The Road to El Dorado. We had seen the below gif on the webs, but we’d never seen the original movie.
But the movie is on Netflix, and we wanted a quiet Saturday night so we could go to bed at reasonable hour given that this is the worst Saturday of the year.
Naturally, because I’m a jerk, we had to write a ridiculous blog post while watching the film. So, here goes nothing…
Why is everyone speaking English?

That guy is clearly from Hawaii.  How did someone from Hawaii get to Arizona?
He doesn’t believe they’re gods.  He’s going to spend the whole movie trying to prove they aren’t.

We’re the monkeys.  People say we monkey around…

She can hear them!  She can tell what they’re saying.

Her out fit does not look comfortable.

Also, she has really big hips and thighs for someone with that small of a waist.

There’s a lot of inconsistencies in this movie.

Do you ever wonder if the animators were on drugs?

Why on earth would you think that?

Right then they definitely were.

No, I think they were just drunk.

I’m sorry, how long are footprints going to stay on the beach?

Dude, you’re not making friends.

It’s Godzilla, Joy!

My life is worse for having watched this movie. It’s not substantially worse or anything. But my life was better before I saw this movie.


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