Birthday Cakes for Harry Potter Characters

In my quirkier moments, I enjoy making birthday cakes for authors and fictional characters. Over the past several years, I’ve gotten into making cakes for the characters of the Harry Potter universe. So today, I’m taking you through the year and offering my recommendations for the appropriate cake for each character.

January 9: Severus Snape

Snivellus enjoys a spice cake made with molasses and a powdered sugar topping. Most people don’t know this. Dumbledore and Lily both did, so Snape’s years at Hogwarts were the happiest of his life because they ensured that he always had the birthday cake of his choosing.

January 30: Lily Evans-Potter

Lily gets two birthday cakes. James Potter would get his wife the most overly sentimental store-bought cake with overwhelming frosting flowers. On the other hand, Remus Lupin would secretly make her a beautiful double chocolate cake, the same cake that she always makes for his birthday.

February 6: Arthur Weasley

For Arthur Weasley, I choose a common grocery store box mix. Arthur loves all things Muggle, and while his wife is an excellent cook, I suspect that this birthday boy would be far more delighted by a “Muggle cake” than by a delicious concoction from his Molly-wobbles.

March 1: Ron Weasley

I felt like Ron needed something traditional like a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. He just wants it to be clear that it is his birthday and that has been remembered. He wants his name piped onto the top with candles indicating his age so that it’s clear whose birthday it is and how old Ron is.

March 10: Remus Lupin


Double chocolate cake with chocolate frosting; it’s the only thing our favorite werewolf would ever want. Lily always made it for him from their third year at Hogwarts.

March 27: James Potter

A cake with too many layers that is perpetually always falling over…a vanilla cake with raspberry jam between the layers; Sirius always helps make and stack the cake while Remus and Lily watch, wonder, and worry.

April 1: Fred and George Weasley

Fred and George get a funfetti cake made from scratch. It’s the only thing funny enough for them. Then, it gets brightly colored frosting and sprinkles on top. It’s fun. It’s exciting. Oh, and the cake itself is actually cinnamon-vanilla flavored. It’s a surprise, just like the twins.

May 15: Pomona Sprout

Carrot cake! And don’t forget the raisins. It’s absolutely perfect for our favorite Herbology professor prior to Neville Longbottom’s tenure. And be sure to go heavy on the cream cheese frosting; Professor Sprout loves a good cream cheese frosting.

June 5: Draco Malfoy

Draco gets a simple vanilla cake with white frosting. It’s simple. It’s classic. Would Lucius approve it? Absolutely not, but we’ll throw silver and green sprinkles on top in hopes of placating the Malfoy patriarch at least a touch.

June 28: Dobby

Dobby would be perfectly happy to just know that humans had remembered his birthday, and to this end, he wouldn’t care too terribly much what sort of cake he had. With that in mind, make him YOUR favorite cake; he’ll love it.

July 30: Neville Longbottom

Neville grew up with a good grandmother but no mother. I can’t see Augusta Longbottom making good “mom cake” birthday cakes, so I decided that I’d make sure that Neville always had a good “mom cake” for his birthday. So I went with the Texas sheet cake for Neville. It’s big. It’s homemade. It’s heartfelt. It’s warm and welcoming.

July 31: Harry Potter

I’ll never be able to move past the cake that Hagrid made for Harry. Harry will always get a simple two-layer chocolate cake with pink frosting and “HAPPEE BIRTHDAE HARRY” scrawled across the top in bright green frosting.

August 11: Ginevra Weasley

A strawberry cake with chocolate frosting and Bertie Botts Beans on top for decoration-it’s girly inside with a dark outside.

August 22: Percy Weasley

An angel food cake decorated with royal icing lends a touch of class to a birthday party that doesn’t have much. It’s hard to be Percy Weasley. Your brothers are all absurd; no, your whole family is absurd. No one else even tries to reach your level of urbane sophistication.

September 19: Hermione Granger

A German chocolate cake that Ron is not allowed to ruin make will suit the brains of the Golden Trio. After growing up with Muggle dentists, Hermione likes sweet things and really well-made things. To that end, her mother-in-law always makes sure that Hermione’s German chocolate cake is pleasing both to the eye and the stomach.

October 4: Minerva McGonagall

No cake for Professor McGonagall; just a good old-fashioned Scottish shortbread with raspberry coulis. It’s simple, straight-forward, and delicious.

October 17: Filius Flitwick

Professor Flitwick’s birthday trifle will charm any and all comers. Pound cake, fresh blackberries, and freshly whipped cream make for a simple but delightful dessert.

October 30: Molly Weasley

For the matriarch of the Weasley family, an apple cake with a cinnamon streusel is recommended. She wants it to be made in a bundt pan; her sons think that is ridiculous.

November 3: Sirius Black

Sirius gets a Starlight cake (from the Betty Crocker cookbook) with cinnamon and pecans mixed in-because being in Azkaban for 12 years will turn you into a bit of a nutter. The Starlight is a reference to the astrological references in the Black family naming schema. The frosting for the middle of this two-layer cake is yellow while the outside is frosted in red; both colors reference his pride to be the first Gryffindor from the Black family.

November 29: Bill Weasley

Bill’s wife is French, and he spent several years of his life in Egypt. So Bill’s cake is a bit outside the box. Instead of a standard cake, Bill has a brioche with a savory filling inspired by the Middle East. To this end, I make a brioche with a spinach-mushroom-goat cheese filling between the layers. There is an abundance of garlic, onion, and turmeric in this birthday cake. It’s flavor-filled, a little eccentric, and thoroughly delightful-just like Bill Weasley.

December 6: Rubeus Hagrid

Hagrid would make himself a rock cake. We don’t recommend that you follow suit. If you want something that he and you would both enjoy, go for a rum-infused pound cake.

December 12: Charlie Weasley

Charlie wouldn’t care too much what kind of cake he had. He just wants it to be shaped like a dragon. He likes almond cake best because it goes well with all of the nuts needed to create the spines of the dragon.

December 31: Tom Riddle

Most of Tom Riddle’s problems in life come from the fact that he never had a birthday cake. Any remaining problems came from the fact that he was conceived while his father was under the influence of a love potion. But the lack of birthday cake was a substantial contributing factor in his downfall. Basically, skip the celebration of his birthday, and go enjoy New Year’s Eve.


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